W&G strip 130723

A Little Monster Called Self-Doubt

I drew this awhile ago but recently Mathhew Inman of The Oatmeal fame just came out with a comic about running and he calls his little beasty The Blerch.

I just call my self-doubt “Self-Doubt” though I have imagined running away from it, just to motivate myself, leaving its pulpy form on the path behind me. Mr. Inman is right on with the expressions, I swear we have the same little thing that follows us.

And he did his so well, I had the thought, “WELP, he did it! Talked about running! No need for me to continue!” because a lot of what he expressed I have already drawn some stuff that’s similar.

But I won’t listen to that voice. I will keep going, doodling my comics, telling my story.

No doubt.

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