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Happy Year of the Horse!

Happy Lunar new Year! My wife is Chinese (I believe I’ve mentioned that) and I studied it for years. It’s always been something we enjoy celebrating around my home.

Cartoon me is dressed like the God of Wealth and holding a banner that says, roughly, “May Everything Go As You Wish”. My favorite of the New Year sayings.

The little dude speaking Chinese is a cute version of the God of Wealth and I made a bad Chinese pun there. The Chinese word for vegetables 菜 cài is nigh-homophonous for the word wealth 財 cái, so he’s saying “I’m the God of Vegetables!” groan But he’s so cute!

The Chinese in the lower left is the word for horse, written by my terrible hand. The lower right is my signature…

Anyway, 新年快樂! Happy New Year!

萬事如意! May everything go as you wish!

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