W&G strip 131003

Jessman the Barbarian: Slaying the Beast

I drew this a while ago as a reward for myself after a run.

I was nearing the end of a mentally taxing 2 miles and had this vision of going up against a giant, tentacled version of self-doubt standing in my way. I thought, betweens huffs and puffs, what a cool image that would make. And I told myself that if I made it to the end of it, I would draw it. My brain tucked it away, thinking I’d not make it, maybe later… but I did make it. “Not today,” I said as I finished. I would not be beat today.

Totally stoked, I came home and did this, Jessman the Barbarian, Regular Guy… and given some of the challenges I’ve thrown myself and overcome lately, I felt it was appropriate to post today.

Maybe there are more adventures in store for him.

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