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Put Your Hands Up

I thought about this. I have noticed that there are many bearded men who will make eye-contact with me as we pass each other. It’s kind of like the beards are beacons of manliness or something and we are trying to acknowledge it without actually acknowledging it.

So… like car owners who flash their highs at folks with the same car, I think it should be an unwritten rule that bearded men should high five. No words spoken, just a hand raise, a *smack* and on our way.

Stubble shouldn’t count, but a beard that has obviously been cared for, groomed, set free.

Oh and if you think that beards are a passing phase, razor companies are posting losses¬†because of “reduced incidence of shaving”. I haven’t shaved my beard for 16 years, so I guess they can blame this hipster all they want.

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