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The Effects of Running on my Mood

This is my personal experience, of course. And given I’ve been off the wagon/path/my feets for a few weeks because of schedule, I’m looking forward to getting back out there.

And I never would have discovered this feeling if I hadn’t constantly pushed and pushed and pushed myself past that middle stage. The feeling of “YEAH” at the end of a run is just so awesome.

Dig it, man, dig it.


  1. Uncle R

    I’m into uphill sprints. Sprint uphill and jog downhill. About 6 or 7 30-40 sec long uphill sprints. It’s called burst training and it takes less time and (reportedly) has more aerobic benefit. ….. Love Uncle R

    • jesse

      Hey, Uncle R! Thanks for checking it out and leaving a comment!
      I started running because I’m not a super active guy. Just the act of getting out and sticking to it has been a huge help. I think I’ll need to get to that point of quick training on some days. There’s a hill (used to be a landfill, now it’s a park) that I started running over, on, and around. I think it would be a great spot to try that out.
      Much love!

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