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The Return

Now, now, this is not a pity me post. Ok, maybe it is a bit…

But I did get out today and run for the first time in about a month. A month! I woke up dreading the cold and the run and my mind was making all kinds of excuses. And I really feared I wouldn’t make it very far.

So I set out to hit at least a mile and maybe a bit more, mapped a route in my head, and ran. I checked my distance later at home and I found I went 1.75 miles+! I thought I’d be dying over a mile since I haven’t been super active, but I feel great. I was slow, but I was determined and didn’t stop.

Also, I weighed myself and I’ve lost 15 pounds this year.

So even though I’ve been battling the beast again, I have reason to be happy. I started this year not a runner, but I’m closing it out in better shape than I’ve been in probably 20 years. And I am a runner.

I think Jessman the Barbarian will make an appearance soon to finish his quest…

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