Genie lost his voice

You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me.

I drew this in memory of the late, great Robin Williams.

It really hit me hard since he had played a huge part in a cultural part of my life. People kept mentioning films they remembered him in from Patch Adams and What Dreams May Come to Mrs. Doubtfire and Hook. My favorite film to feature him was Good Will Hunting. So many of these memories are wrapped up with the people I saw them with, family and friends, and so it nearly feels like losing someone I knew. The fact a man so well loved and known would be so depressed he would take his own life is devastating.

Didn’t he have someone to talk to? Didn’t he have a soul to confide in? Couldn’t he call? Depression is a demon, like cancer, it takes over and robs us of light, fills us with darkness.

I figured the internet would be rife with this kind of tribute… but I hadn’t seen one. Here’s mine.

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